When impersonating doesn’t get you what you want


In 2012 on the United Kingdom version of X Factor, there was a lady that came on stage named Lorna Bliss. For a living she happens to be an impersonator for Britney Spears. However she has little singing skill at all. In fact her impersonation happens to be based on her looks, and her mannerisms, with nothing else to go on.

She shows up to the audition wearing a tiny bikini complete with G-string covered in a white fishnet body stocking. Of course this leaves little to the imagination and she is quite attractive to look at. Perhaps she thinks her looks will impress the judges over her skills. As the song “Till the World Ends” by Britney Spears comes on she begins to sing. Then it seems to turn into a sultry chase with her actually chasing one of the judges around the theater. This is after she climbs onto their tables and crawls across it on her hands and knees.

This doesn’t get the reaction she expects, from the judges or the audience. Everyone is shocked, but none more than Lorna Bliss when the judges all tell her no.

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