Jessie J Invites A Fan Onstage And Everyone Is Surprised By The Performance


Watch as Jessie J brings a girl up on stage to sing with her, and you will be amazed by the talent that the girl has. And not only that, but the story that she shares after performing with Jessie J will move you to tears. The girl has come through a lot, and Jessie J’s music has helped her through it all. It is a great thing that the singer was so gracious to share the stage with her and allow her to shine for a bit. It shows that Jessie J has a big heart, and that is always a great thing to see in anyone.
So watch the video and see for yourself all that transpires. From the song choice that the girl makes, to the confidence that she quickly gains once her nerves leave, to the story that she tells at the end, you will be left feeling inspired.

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