Jump rope taken to a whole new level


Jumping rope is a great form of exercise and was a great form of entertainment for kids as they are growing up. But when you take those skills of jumping rope and create teams such as the Firecrackers you are going to have yourself a competition that will blow your socks off. These girls put the word firecracker into their team name with the spirit and the energy that they have when performing these stunts for everyone to see.

Most of the time you jump rope standing up and either by yourself or with a couple of friends. Either you turn the rope and jump in time, or two friends turn the rope and you jump in time. In this jump rope competition though these girls are jumping with 2 and three people at the same time, they are jumping synchronized together, and then there are the tricks. These girls will jump in together, do an entire group jump and even jump rope while sitting on the floor. It is fantastic to watch and will have you mesmerized the entire time you watch the video.

This video appears to be pieced together from two home movies, so not sure if it’s the same competition, but it looks like a lot of practice went into all those moves.

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