Little Awesome And Very Talented Drummer Girl!


The five year old that is featured playing drums in this video is nothing short of a pint-sized little music protégé and legend. Her name is Eduarda Henklein and she is only five years old. Totally unbelievable? The answer is no. Children of this age can’t only be intellectual geniuses. They are also music wonders and talents beyond the world “talent.” Little Eduarda Henklein plays the drums as naturally, as if, she were born to play them. She was meant to be a musical person and instrumentalist for sure.

She surely is jumping into talent, and every inch, true natural musical form with her drum solo on Van Halen’s famous rock song called “Jump.” What makes this little girl stand out is her musical talent and ability. A lot of little girls at this age are playing with their dolls. What makes Eduarda special is that she seems to like to play with her drums the most and that is a good thing. Because, to be honest, it shows that she has a blessing and true gift from God to be able to do it so perfectly. This isn’t saying that she doesn’t play with dolls. Because she probably does at the end of the day. However, it is fabulous, and spot-on to see a petite little drummer with such an awesome talent such as hers is.

What makes this little awesome and very talented drummer girl unique is apparent. Do go and have a look at her amazing video for yourself. She is very inch a musical talent with lots of powerful presence. You will get to see this, the minute, you personally view the video link of We are all musical in our own ways. Eduarda is musical with her drums. Her love for drumming is also very strong like her talent.