Live Amazing Performance of Amazing Grace


The song Amazing Grace to many is one of the best song ever written. This song is full of passion and emotion. It is not an easy song to sing. Joey and Rory put on an amazing rendition of this classic song and they do it live on camera. Joey feek plays the music while Rory sings.
Joey and Rory perform Amazing Grace in their studio in front of their friends and in front of the camera. There is live music that is performed as the song is being sung. The couple even has their dog in the studio with them to hear their performance. The voice is amazing and she is able to hit every note perfectly. There is also a lot of feeling that is put into this song. The others listening in the studio fall into a trance as they hear the song and the live performance. This is not an easy song to sing and many famous musicians avoid the live performance. Joey and Rory are able to do an amazing job performing Amazing Grace.

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