Love at First Sight Gave Birth to This Song, Watch


In the video below, The Beatles sing the song “Don’t Let Me Down.” The song is about a guy who meets many girls and falls in love with just one of them. He believes that their relationship is going to last forever. That is why he says that she should not let him down. He believes that if she accepts to be with him, the relationship is going to work very well and will be the best the two of them will ever have. The song was performed of the rooftop of Apple.
They really do it so well that you cannot help it but realize how many chances that we all miss to make life awesome. However, the other person never really reciprocates and we end up having a one sided relationship or the whole things just dies. If you need to listen to a simple but amazing song, “Don’t Let Me Down” is the best song. If you believe they did an awesome song, please post your comments below. Kindly share this video with family and friends.