Magical Performance of “The Prayer.” Andrea Bocelli and Katharine Mcphee perform live


There are few talents in this world as powerful as that of singing. This video highlights this through one of the most poweful songs ever written, “The Prayer.” This song shows a powerful duet between Katharine Mcphee and Andrea Bocelli. The song begins softly, and gently, much like its namesake. Andrea Bocelli then joins the singer in an Italian baritone that compliments Katharine Mcphee’s voice.

This song is more than just a melodic masterpiece. The two wonderful singers are able to harness the powers of their voice in such a way that they seem to transcend the stage and place each and every listener into the position of the individual saying the prayer. This song is more than just beautiful, it is an expression of the deeply held feelings and desires that each and every one of us holds for the future. The performance is truly magical. If you enjoyed this video, please share it on Facebook.

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