This Mentalist Has Everyone Wondering, “How Did He Do That?”


America’s Got Talent comes up with some real interesting acts, but this time, it’s the mentalist that has their attention.
Arriving on stage, he first enlists Heidi Klum’s help, with Howie Mandel as his assistant. Asking her to pick a number under 100, he writes down a number and hands it to Howie. As most magician-like guys do, he teases the audience with questions and “what-ifs” before giving up his answer. “Fifty-seven,” Heidi had said… and that’ exactly what he had written down on his piece of paper. But, that was just the beginning!
Next the mentalist moves on to judge Mel B, this time making the act a little more complicated. He asks her to think of a vacation destination, anywhere in the world, and any time of her life, just as long as it was a memorable one for her. He then asks her to write it down, as well as who she was with, and show the other judges. Well, let’s just say that not only does he get it right, but he had it right before he even asked the question.
The mentalist goes on through a series of antics and borderline-lame jokes, but when it comes right down to it, his performance was impressive! Mel B, in particular, was completely stunned, and this mentalist sure got the judges’ attention. Watch the video and see why it was Mel B and the mentalist’s interacting that had everyone gasping.

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