Mom Sings Hallelujah and Does a Great Job


This mom enjoys singing to her child. This mom sings the song Hallelujah to her child. Shannon Abbott sings this classic song while her young child sits in the highchair. The baby does not seem to fully appreciate the voice that the mother has. The baby keeps on playing with the toy as mom sings her heart out.
While she is singing she does look at the baby and try to engage the small child. As mom keeps on singing the child does appear to be calm and happy. This song is not an easy song to sing. Shannon is able to hit all of the notes and tones that people have come to love about this classic song. While she does put her own spin on it this song is easy to recognize for those that love it. As mom keeps singing the baby begins to smile and look very happy. This mother is singing not for the people on the internet but for her baby to enjoy.

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