Mother and Son Duo Beautifully Perform A Great Big World’s “Say Something”


When Mel and Jamie take to the stage ofBritain’s Got Talent, the judges immediately want to know how they are related. It turns out these two are Mother and Son and they had only been performing together for two weeks when this audition occurred. When Jamie starts off singing, you will not be able to witness the power of his voice right away. When he hits the chorus line, his voice soars and you will be absolutely amazed! It is clear to see there is a special bond between these two.

This boy certainly loves his Mother and the two’s voices blend beautifully together as they emotionally perform A Great Big World’sSay Something. This amazing performance cinched the pair a spot in the show and fans around the world are singing their praises. As you watch this beautiful performance, sit back and enjoy their melodic voices that truly blend together so effortlessly.

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