Musician Kayvon Zand Tells off the Judging Panel on America’s Got Talent


Watch in a mix of amusement and horror as Kayvon Zand puts on a very strange show with a very bad attitude. Looking like something out of Dr Suess’s nightmares, Kayvon and a group of similarly strangely dressed people perform a bad rendition of Dead or Alive’s “You Spin Me Round”. He doesn’t seem to know how to sing or play piano much at all, but it’s quickly revealed that instead of being an elaborate joke, he actually believes he is a serious artist along the lines of Lady Gaga and Madonna, who are known for their outlandish costumes as well as rock solid vocals. Kayvon has the wild clothes, but he lacks the talent to back it up.
Faced with the judges’ disapproval, he proceeds to insult them, nearly one by one, all with a sour face. He questions if one of the judges can sing herself, and decides the panel isn’t being “constructive” and elects to go play piano again, still poorly. He constantly interrupts, much to the horror of the other contestants, and eventually he’s booted off stage. Unfortunately for Kayvon Zand, he has all the theatrics of a star, but none of the real talent to back it up.

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