A ‘Must See’ Video: This Medley of Disney Grabs Your Heart and Won’t Let You Go


Put the sweet voice of Alex G and the richness and strength that Peter Hollens always delivers and you’ve got an incredible medley of Disney which will live as long as their original songs. In this video, Alex and Peter run through several of the Disney movie theme favorites, and each transition blends seamlessly, leaving you feeling as if you just got a big, warm hug from each of the movie’s characters.
Beginning with “The Lion King’s” Circle of Life, Peter belts out the native chanting, while both he and Alex both take on various parts to complete the background music as well. Moving on from there, they smoothly deliver A Whole New World from “Aladdin,” Colors of the Wind from “Pocahontas,” Under the Sea from “The Little Mermaid,” Beauty and the Beast from the movie of the same name, and then finish off with a portion of Circle of Life again.
Throughout the medley of Disney songs, they are seen in different settings to complement whichever song they are singing, and it’s amazing! This video may show how absolutely timeless Disney theme songs can be, but it also showcases these singers’ talent. Every time they open their mouths they just draw you in – the rich tones of their voice literally swallow you whole and make you want to hear more. Watch the video and see for yourself just how incredible these two artists really are.

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