Do you need all your fingers to play the piano?


As the video opens you are captivated by the scenario as well as the piano music that is playing. Sitting on the stage is a white piano with a background of a beautiful tree behind it. At the bench is a stunning young lady in a white dress, hair done perfectly as she sits and plays a magnificent piece that brings tears to those in the audience.

This is the stage and setting for a competition, and the lady on the stage that plays the piano has no fingers on her right hand. It is often shown in a camera close up, while she is playing so you can see that she is able to hit certain keys at a time. But while she might be limited in some situations she has certainly overcome many obstacles to be able to play so well. While she plays piano she appears to have her eyes closed, concentrating on the song, or perhaps in deep thought as she listens to the music while she plays.

Those in the audience and the judges themselves are in awe as they watch her play, with several wiping tears from their eyes. She gracefully stands up and bows when she is done, showing everyone that nothing will stop this young lady from succeeding.

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