Nine-Year-Old Wows the Crowd With Her Mad Piano Playing Skills


This little Icelandic girl is a sight to behold when she stops at the Canary Wharf and begins to beautifully play the Piano. Her Piano skills are on-point as she flawlessly plays “The Turkish March”. It is thrilling to see a young child with such talent and respect for classical works. As the crowd begins gathering around her, they are astounded that one so young has such amazing skill.

If you love Piano music, you will want to make sure you watch to the end. Her energetic playing ability will capture your attention and keep it every moment she plays. This young girl clearly has a talent that goes well beyond her age. Perhaps she is an old soul! You will adore her animated performance and may find yourself wanting to watch again and again. Enjoy her beautiful rendition of the “The Turkish March” and be amazed at how she flawlessly captures the spirit of this great number.

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