Outstanding Ice Ballet


How old do you have to be to perform expertly on ice? 14? 15? How about just 4 years old! A set of twins showed you can never be too little to have a big talent when they danced the Nutcracker Suite on ice! The little girl was precious in her ballerina dress as she epitomized the role of an ethereal sugar plum fairy princess. Her brother then”came to life” as a stately wooden soldier and deftly navigated the arena with precision movements.
No one knows if the little boy’s fall during the number was rehearsed or just an accident. No matter how it happened he turned it into a perfectly planned skid and was back on his feet in no time, to the delight of the audience.
What is truly incredible is the time it must have taken for the 4-year-old twins to practice this routine and the professionalism they displayed to perform such a classic holiday ballet on ice.

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