Panda Performs Perfectly


In a smile producing feel good performance of “Bring It on Home to Me”, originally by Sam Cooke, Panda Ross wows audiences on The X Factor and the judges minds are blown. The most intriguing thing about Panda is her name until she tells the stunned judges and shocked audience members the story of how she received her name. After hearing that story, the judges couldn’t have possibly been ready for the next surprise which was Panda’s voice.
Panda Ross has a signing voice that could stand up with the talents of such greats as Aretha Franklin. Simon Cowell even states in his comments that Panda has “the voice of a legend.” Considering the audience’s reaction, standing and clapping and rocking out with Panda, they certainly agree with Simon and the other judges that Panda Ross has a lot of talent and a lot of personality. Panda’s performance is a toe-tapping happy fest from beginning to end.

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