Passionate young couple nails their onstage performance


See the impossible dancing skills of this beautiful young couple as they silence the audience with their amazing onstage performance at the ‘Rock That Swing’ festival in Munich, Germany. From the very beginning, the couple shows extremely good onstage cooperation and professionalism – their performance is so full of positive emotions it would force even the biggest whiner to grin.

Despite the event being full of other performances and workshops, with many other dancers and teachers competing, the couple quickly stole the hearts of both the audience as well as competitors. Watching them move on the stage, so freely and passionately, showing absolutely no signs of any nervousness whatsoever, is a great way to relax and get an endorphins shot in under 3 minutes. Their swing moves would embarrass even world-class dancers as they definitely deserve this title more than anyone else for the emotions that they so willingly share with the audience.

The couple’s excellence in communicating both between them and with spectators is something rarely seen even during professional and extensively practiced performances. Though it obviously took for them a lot of practice to get to that level of mastery, their clothes, smiles and pure love of what they do bring to mind two amateurs, who seem to have met for the first time just five minutes before the dance. They don’t just dance, they tell a real story onstage.

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