Pentatoxic is Intoxicating


Pentatonix never ceases to impress with their seamless blend of vocal talents, from melody to harmony, and their spot on performances. These five brilliant singers have become one of the most popular and progressive a Capella groups of the decade. Putting their original spin of a medley of songs by the king of pop himself, Michael Jackson, Pentatonix creates yet another masterful and endlessly entertaining piece of musical art which leaves viewer after viewer grinning from ear to ear.
Pentatonix formed in 2011 for the reality television competition The Sing-Off, which they won. They will soon release their original album and currently has a documentary which is available on their website. The young group has an enormous, and well deserved, internet fan base who are ecstatic each time the five-some releases a new video like this thriller. These amazing Arlington, Texas natives are making their way to superstardom super quick. The vocal stylings of Pentatoxic are so smooth it’s criminal.

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