People don’t normally bend that way

The week one auditions on Britain’s Got Talent 2015 showed a contortionist by the name of Magdalena. She is a beautiful women of thirty six years and she walks out on the stage wearing a one piece leopard print body suit. The body suit is meant to bend and stretch with her as well as be form fitting so you can see how well she bends.She begins with some simple bends that many a contortionist can accomplish, some even going so far as to leave you wonder if it is even possible for her to bend that way. The video is only about a minute long and only shows the highlights of her performance, including the ending which makes people wince. After doing what seems to be impossible bends of her body she ends by twisting herself away leaving you wonder which way her body is really supposed to go. It almost looks painful, but Magdalena has nothing but a big smile on her face as she watches everyone’s reaction.

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