Pitch Perfection


Tom Willis, a man born with no arms stepped up, at AT&T Park in San Francisco, to throw the ceremonial first pitch for the Giants versus Mariners game. Mr. Willis has developed a unique talent for throwing baseballs, tennis balls and even Frisbees with relatively good accuracy using only his feet.

This is not the first the Major League Baseball (MLB) has seen of Mr. Willis. He first threw a game’s first pitch back in May of 2008 when the Nationals took on the Padres. Since then Willis, who is a congenital bilateral upper amputee, has been on a motivational speaking campaign, which he calls the “Pitch for Awareness” tour. He hopes to visit the pitcher’s mound of every MLB stadium before the campaign is over. When he’s not throwing pitches, he speaks at schools and events, encouraging young people to believe in their own abilities and rise to meet whatever challenges there are in their lives.

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