Posh Violinist Wows Crowd at Britain’s Got Talent


Taking to the stage with a big personality and unique name, Lettice (pronounced like lettuce) Rowbotham introduced herself to the judges at Britain’s Got Talent.When asked if she was nervous about her BGT performance, Lettice proclaiming that she was “too hungover to be nervous.” Judge David Walliams seemed amused and impressed by this unique performer’s opening comments, while Simon Cowell gave her his signature look, denoting he was preparing not to be impressed. That is nothing new,asSimon traditionally sits poker faced until the performer actually gives him something to smile about. His penchant forblunt criticism makes a smile or a nod from him worth a million to the aspiring hopeful in front of him.
Things quickly changed, however, when Lettice played an amazing accompaniment to several pop songs, with One Republic’s Counting Stars as the finale. By then, the crowd was on its feet cheering and even Simon looked like he appreciated the rare talent of this quirky, yet professional violinist.

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