Railway Jam


When a dreadlocks wearing, camo clad, Caucasian man sits down in a Seoul train station and begins to play an acoustic version of “One Candle” the crowd is captivated. The song is a single from the early years of Korean boy band g.o.d. (Groove Over Dose). The non-native guitarist, who apparently goes by the name Aancod, seems to the right notes in order to engage the seemingly spontaneous audience in a group sing-along of the K-pop tune, which everyone is apparently familiar with.

The crowd supports this busker’s enthusiastic playing and rather average vocalizations throughout the entire chorus. Just as the next train arrives, the man wraps up and the crowd, in turn, applauds his performance before moving on in their daily lives. The commuting viewers of the performance enjoyed it so much that several smart phone made videos, including this one, have been uploaded to the internet, where virtual viewers have been enjoying the train station styling of this street musician as well.

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