A refreshing change to music


In traditional X Factor style this video shows the audition of Reigan Derry. It starts off with the interview process that everyone goes through, along with a little back story. Reigan’s backstory is an interesting one with a fresh take on the American Music industry.

She was already part of a big all girl band that had its own popularity and was signed to record contracts in the United States. After being a part of that industry and getting caught up in the excitement she decided she wanted to focus on the music and not the sexuality that is constantly portrayed in music.

This is refreshing to hear a young lady of the age of 25 state that on her own, and come to her own decision. She stands up to that decision well on stage with a beautiful range and the Adelle song that she sings. Hearing her voice should tell you that you will hear much more from her in the future. The X Factor judges of course gave her 4 yeses and sent her on to their Boot Camp.

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