Rilee Shakes It to Taylor Swift! Dwarfism Awareness Month


Little 5 year old Rilee has Achondroplasia. Instead of getting down about it, she’s just going to “shake shake shake shake shake” and you should too! Support Rilee on Facebook and spread this video to spread awareness!

There are over 200 different kinds of dwarfism, and the most common is the kind little Rilee has- Achondroplasia. Over 80 percent of the people born with Dwarfism have normal sized parents, siblings and children, so it could happen to anybody. The great thing is that most people with dwarfism are just the same as you or me; it’s very rare for anyone to have any type of mental impairment because of having dwarfism- so don’t look down on them!

People with dwarfism are normal, so it’s important to treat them that way. The best terminology for people that have dwarfism is to refer to them as “short of stature”, or “having dwarfism”, “little person”, or “dwarf”. People with dwarfism are just as capable as you are, they can ride bikes, or play sports and drive cars, travel, have successful careers and families and happy lives- all they need are a little accommodation, love and support. Dwarfism just happens, approximately one in every twenty thousand births is diagnosed with Achondroplasia, and Achnodroplasia accounts for about 98 percent of the gene mutation that’s responsible for their dwarfism. Realizing that people like Rilee are completely normal and love to have a good time and just live their lives is important- never looking down on people because of their disabilities.

November is Dwarfism Awareness Month! Do something special for a little person near you! Support this beautiful and cute child by sharing this video to all your social media, so everyone knows a little bit more about the things that those that are short of stature going through. Most of the time, the biggest concern for these kinds of people is facing the ridicule that some people give them. Constantly, people say negative things about aspects of a person’s personality that they have absolutely no control over. In the end, it’s all about raising awareness to these people, and showing them all we care!

Watch Little Rilee “Shake-Shake-Shake It” to Taylor Swift for Dwarfism Awareness Right


Go to Rilee’s Facebook page at ( to learn more about her, or go to ( to learn more about what you can do to support people like Rilee. Watch her video today, and let her smile and awesome attitude just consume you! Support her today, and see how you can help the lives of people affected by Dwarfism today.

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