Russian Synchronized Skating Team


Figure skating is not an easy sport by any means. It takes a lot of balance, coordination, and talent. These Russian women make skating look easy. Not only do these women have the talent on ice they are able to put on a synchronized performance as well.
The women form two lines and move in unison. Their timing is as perfect as their skating moves. All of their movements are performed at the same time and they look very graceful on the ice. Each turn, twirls, and bend is performed at the same time. These women put a lot of time and effort into their moves and getting the timing perfect. By the time their performance was over these Russian women had a whole new set of fans. The judges liked the performance as well. The Russian team received a total score of 69 allowing them to come in a second place finish. Everyone in the area was cheering them on for putting together such as beautiful performance.

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