Scotty McCreery Performs Cover of “The Grand Tour” at the Grand Ole Opry


When aperformer gets up onto the stage at the Grand Ole Opry, they have to be prepared to show off their talent and they have to be ready tocreate a show that goes beyond anything that they have ever done before. When a person gets onto the stage at the Grand Ole Opry, the world waits to see just how they will do on such a great stage.Lovers ofScotty McCreerywill appreciate all that he did while on while on that great stage. The young man sings “The Grand Tour”, a cover of a George Jones track. He sings something from one of country music’s greats, and he does that flawlessly. Those who watchhis singingwill find that they are impressed with the talent thathe possesses. They will beawed withthe way that he performs on a great stage. Talented singers are hard to come by, but Scotty McCreery is truly great.

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