Simon Cowell stops her but she fights back with greatness!


If you have never been told, then I will tell you now. Everybody has a unique talent that no one can ever take away.

No matter who you are, you are unique in your own way. It’s high time you discover that what is so unique in you and cling unto it because that is the real you.
If you don’t believe me then watch how Brian Cowell, one of the judges at the Britain Got talent Audition, tried to halt singer Jordin Bird’s performance at the Britain Got Talent audition but the later came out stronger and overcome all the critics imposed on her by him. The video kicks off with Jordin Bird walking onto the stage. She is asked a few questions including her name, her close family members whom she had invited to witness her amazing performance—her mum and dad were there, how long has she been singing and the title of the song that she want to perform; of course it is “Don’t Rain on My Parade” .

She further went ahead to state that her main ambition in Britain Got Talent Audition was to perform what she likes doing most in her life, singing.She then started performing her song. Most of her audience seemed to enjoy the song but only one person didn’t like it – Brian Cowell. He stopped the show, a decision which most audience didn’t like, including Jordin’s parents.
She harshly tells Jordin to sing a smiley and better song than that. His fellow judges though didn’t welcome his judgment and tried to intervene on behalf of Jordin to allow her to complete the song.She is given a chance that she never wastes. She sang so nice that all judges including Cowell smiled and danced to the tune.
Everybody was amazed by the performance and she ended passing the audition, thanks to her courage.

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