Singing from your very soul

There have been plenty of talent shows on national television shows that are copied in other countries, and all of them are known for finding some great talent. This video is shown from The Voice UK version and debuts a singer known as Leanne Jarvis for the blind auditions.This show allows judges to hear the voice of the singer without seeing them, basing their entire judgement on whether or not they will pick them for their team on the singer’s voice and nothing else. The great thing about it, is that you can see the judge’s reactions but the singer has to wait and hope nervously that someone will turn around to pick them. In this case Leanne Jarvis is singing the song “Stay with Me Baby” and she is doing so with all the passion she can muster. The singer however has to deliver a great performance and hope that one of the judges turns their chair around to pick them.

By the time she is done with her performance, Leanne Jarvis is not disappointed to see that all four of the judges have turned their chairs around and will now fight for her attention. As a result of all of them turning around she now gets to pick which team she wants to be on.

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