Some great talent ends in applause


When you have David Foster on stage, playing the piano and putting on a concert of his best, you know that there is going to be applause, and there is going to be some famous names singing on stage. This video is of the Live 2008 performance and it does not disappoint. On stage with him is Andrea Bocelli, who by himself is a fantastic singer that sings in English and Italian. He is known throughout the world for his musical talent and there is always going to be people who want to hear him sing.

Joining him on stage in a beautiful white dress is Katharine McPhee, another singer with some great talent of her own. She stuns in her dress, and it is her voice that will leave you speechless. Combine the talent of the two together as they sing the song “The Prayer”, and you are left with a wonderful performance that you have to hear with the volume turned up. The song switches back and forth from English to Italian in case you are not familiar with it though so don’t get confused. Should you like the video as much as those in the audience did you might want to share it with friends on Facebook.