Still Bridging Over Troubled Water – 25 Years Later


In 2009, Paul Simonand Art Garfunkel reunited for their “25th Anniversary Rockand Roll Hall of Fame” concert, performing at NYC’s Madison Square Garden. In this video, the once-best-friend-duo play “Bridgeover Troubled Water” to a raving, excited crowd. This is likely the most appropriate Simonand Garfunkel song for the two musicians to perform together at this special anniversary occasion due to their argumentsand rift in past years.

In fact, in 1984, Paul Simon refused to partake in a reunion album, creating a lot of tensionand strife between the two, leading many to feel that their next 1990 show was painedand awkward. Luckily, it seems time has healed some wounds, And this performance shows the two artists singling side by sideand interacting well with each other. In this 2009 show, it finally feels as if Simon and Garfunkel have bridgedover theirtroubled water, indeed. Other songs the duo played during this show included The Sound of Silence, Mrs. Robinson,andNot Fade Away.