Stunning “Jolene” Cover Goes Viral


Emulating the great Dolly Parton is a tough challenge for anybody and it can go often wrong when you try and tribute a legend. But hats off to this woman: she sang Dolly Parton’s “Jolene”, and she did so fantastically.

This woman, Alexandra Kay, gave a stunning rendition of the song, accompanied by a man who played the guitar, which served as a perfect backing. She showed that she was capable of hitting all the tricky notes and kept in rhythm – if you closed your eyes, it was like you were listening to Dolly herself.

The great thing about YouTube is it allows anyone to get their work out there free of charge, which can then be viewed by anybody. If you have the talent, you are sure to succeed – this video is proof. Having received one million hits in its first month, the future may be very bright for the young Alexandra Kay.

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