That sure is a lot of dough for three guys


This short video shows you just how well a practiced cook can handle a lot of dough. It appears to be the kitchen of a bakery where the three cooks are in the back preparing as many rolls as they can. With one guy handling the dough and the other two rolling the dough into balls, they make quick work of a pile of dough.

It’s amazing to watch the main cook, and you can quickly tell that he is definitely a practiced cook with the speed and efficiency he uses. His job is to take a portion of the dough pile and cut it, then roll it and cut into the right size pieces for the rolls. He does this so fast that the other two cooks can’t even keep up with his speed, and they are using both hands to roll the rolls. Meanwhile one of the other two cooks is constantly moving the trays onto a rack so they can then be cooked. When the head cook is done with the dough, he helps the other two roll some more rolls. This is one fast bakery to work in.