These Synchronized Take Home The Gold!


During the 2004 Olympics that was held in Greece, the Russian women Synchronized Swim Team took the gold medal home with their fabulous performance. We all know this sport takes a lot of time and effort to master. Just imagine how hard it is to dance and swim at the same time. All the teams did a good job but team Russia did a great job. Their grand performance started right after they made their entrance. As you will see in the video, they showed a few nice moves before they jumped into the water which really made the crowd excited.

The performers jumped into the water gracefully and in different styles. It’s really amazing to watch them move together even with the fast beat of the music they’re dancing to. They also did nice formations in their performance. Just watch how graceful they move their whole body. So if are a fan of synchronized swimming then this video is a must watch for you.

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