Talent is not always the visual


Some people show their talent in how they dress, do their makeup or a costume, presenting a visual image that will stand out in people’s minds. The lady in this video is named Sada Vidoo and she shows her talent not only in dressing as a living doll, but in the multitude of voices that she sings in. As she walks onto the stage of the X Factor she blows the judges away because they can’t seem to figure out what she is. She appears to be a middle-aged woman in an extravagant dress with a lot of makeup on, and claims to be a living doll.

However, she has more talent in her voice and she begins to sing the Pat Benatar song of Love is a Battlefield. While she makes various faces throughout the song, and hits some surprising notes, the oddness of it all will captivate you. It brings a new look and sound to the stage for sure, and the judges seem to agree upon hearing her sing. When it is all over and the judges get to give their opinions she surprisingly walks away with four yeses and gets to move on to the next round.