The Coolest Bike To Have


In this video, we are taken to a man from Sweden by the name of Michael. He is an avid bike rider and wanted to come up with a way to ride his bike year round but still being comfortable and doing most things that he can do with a car. Thus, he created the Pod Ride Bike. This bike is very unique and gives the comfort of a car with the exercise of a bike. The Pod Ride Bike is a pedal powered, 4 wheeled bike that is completely covered. It keeps you nice and warm in the winter and the windows can be opened during the spring and summer. It is the same height of a regular car and there is even some space in the back for your to store some items or a couple of bags of grocery. The bike has sticks on each side of the seat to steer with and this is also where the brakes are. There is a windshield wiper for rainy days, headlights, and signaling lights. Michael did an awesome job designing this bike and he said he has been using it for about a year now, with no problems.

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