This Amazing Mother and Daughters Quartet Left the Audience and Judges Stunned!


The Garnett Family pushed their way to the semifinal for one of Britain’s most popular and competitive shows, Britain’s Got Talent. The quartet made up of the mother Helen, and three sisters Rachel and twins Anna and Abigail performed Aretha Franklin’s Natural Woman. As a family quartet they would sing together during their private time, working on the blending of their voices, but never in front of an audience before their audition for this competition. Together they were able to combine their spectacular voices and presented the song flawlessly. Taking turns, the family members each sang in a lead position while the other three women were back up, the chorus of the song was fulfilled by the whole quartet as one, this allowed for the women to give a perfectly harmonized performance, leaving both the audience and judges once more in love with and wanting more from the Garnett Family quartet.

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