Touching Duo with an Orchestra


What’s the nicest thing to do on a Sunday night? The next day can be full of sighs from workers, parents, students and many other people alike. Sunday should be filled with relaxing events, like listening music. What better? To soothing orchestra music and exceptional singers. Some may be extra contented to listen to Andrea Bocelli and/or Tori Kelly.

Get some kleenex ready (or the paper type that you use when wiping off tears). In this video, the two singers touch ears, hearts and souls with their wonderful voices. They come up stage live in Seattle and sing The Prayer. This song was originally a collaboration between Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion in the late 1990s. It had since been sung by Andrea and a few more singers, including Tori Kelly as seen in this video. There is a an orchestra playing along with them, a very nice addition that gives the song a distinctive feel.

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