Vaudeville Vello


In an act that left many viewers gasping and even the judges casting looks to one another that said “Is this for real?” one of the latest talents to hit the stage has demonstrated a remarkable level of skill. Being an acrobatic teacher for kids has lent Velloan amazing level of fitness and stamina that enables him to contort his body in what many would think of as a rather painful and uncomfortable position. This isn’t where the talent ends however. Only moments later he shows that despite being in his fifties he is of such sound mind and body that he can employ his skills simultaneously.Eyes widen and jaws dropas he first tucks his ankles behind his head and then proceeds to usehis hands to balance himself upon two stacks that run three bricks high.

Then, as if this wasn’t enough, Vello flings one brick aside from each stack until his hands, andthe weight of his body, rest atop the metal supports. From there he continues to impress as he moves forward along his constructed platform, proceeding to “hop” using his hands from one pair of columns to another. One would think this harrowing trick might be the end, but Vello is not quite done. Instead of standing to take a bow he once more tucks his ankles behind his head. He thenreaches for a rope that has been lowered to the stage andbegins to climb hand over hand until he reaches the top wherethere is a mouthguardthat he clamps onto with his teeth. He then lets go with his hands, drops his weight, and hangs suspended by the mouthguard as the cable it is attached to lifts him higher. As he touches down the crowd, still in awe, finally draws breath.

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