A Beautiful Live Performance On The Voice


In this video we are taken to a clip of a performance from the hit talent show “The Voice”. The clip is from the Live Playoffs and the performance comes from a young man by the name of Billy Gilman. Billy chose to sing the song “Crying” by Roy Orbison. He starts off singing the song on a platform in the audience and slowly makes his way towards the stage. Once he hits the stage, he really shows his vocal talents by hitting notes that are effortless to him but would be problems for others. He appears to be putting his heart and soul into the vocals and the crowd is loving every single moment of it. He is a member of Team Adam and the camera goes to Adam to show the happiness in his face. Adam definitley picked a great vocalist for his team. This performance will no doubt be a favorite from this season and Billy showed us why he deserves to be in the Playoffs.

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