The Voice Of Angels Instilled In A Child


Singers seem to get younger and younger all the time, and whether they practice their hearts out or are just born with amazing talent it is always fantastic to see it.

This two minute video shows just how powerful a voice Lexi Walker has when she sings the song “How Great Thou Art”. While someone plays the piano music for her and sets the tone you will want to raise the volume on your screen. Lexi starts with some commentary before she begins to sing and when the piano starts to play you might think the volume is too high.

Lexi starts singing in a low tone and quickly builds up so you can see just how strong her voice really is. Having been in children’s choirs for some time performing where she can, she is no stranger to being able to sing her heart out. And when she is finished with this short video clip you will want to hear her voice again.

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