Watch what happens in this shopping center


In this interesting video we get to see the oldest Flashmob ever to exist as they come out into a shopping center and perform a dance which captures a wide audience. The dancers in this old Flashmob are of an elderly age and we get to watch them carry out dance moves whilst hoping that they do not bust a hip in the process. It is great to see individuals of this age dance around and show an audience what can be achieved with the oldest flash mob in existence.

As the performers continue the audience watch and take photos in awe of all the energy that the Flashmob have. The audience sit and stare in shock as the old Flashmob carry out an intricate but interesting dance for those who are watching. If you enjoy dance moves and want to see the oldest flash mob in history carrying out a selection of cool and funky moves for an audience, click the following link and enjoy.

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