Where there is will there is a way


There is always something to be said about a person that has talent, but struggles their entire life. Some people never get discovered and their talents are kept to themselves and perhaps their family. And there are those that struggle with disabilities but continue to have a positive attitude throughout their lives. They have talent in other areas and this little girl has no problem showing off her singing skills on Xfactor USA.

Her name is Rion Paige and she is thirteen years old. She has a disability which she names, but it is a very long series of words that essentially means she can’t use her hands the same way other people can. On stage with everyone watching her, she tells the world about it, and sings for the judges. She has a great voice and sings a Carrie Underwood song. It’s a decent version of the song but it begs the question of whether she was pushed forward because of her disability or her talent. Carrie Underwood is a great singer and she got her start somewhere, and this little girl could very well follow in her footsteps, but even she is concerned that the judges might see her disability as a disadvantage. But does she see it as an advantage, and would she have had the same reaction from the judges if she were on The Voice instead? See for yourself and ask yourself the same question. Rion Paige might become on the best singers and we could hear a lot more from her in the future.