Where’d All the Real Talent Go? Simon and Garfunkel Show You


Today’s music doesn’t hold a candle to what used to be put out for public consumption. But, just when you thought you’ve lost faith in humanity, you come across performances like this. In this video, Simon and Garfunkel perform one of their greatest hits, “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” and even if you’re not familiar with the song, you will be.
While Paul Simon was arguably one of the better songwriters of his time, it was Art Garfunkel’s right, harmonic voice that made the duo what they were. Every time he opens his mouth to sing, you can feel the rhythm and emotion of the song in every inch of your soul Subtle and often underrated, Garfunkel was one of the most talented singers in the last century.
You’ve just got to hit “play” on this one, and close your eyes while you listen if you want. It’s a stage performance not designed for visual impact, but to provide the maximum impact through its simplicity. By the end of the song, you’ll be wishing this duo was still together. Take a listen and enjoy.