You Will Love This Rendition of the Beatles’ Yesterday By Carrie Underwood!


When a Rendition is done of a song, it often no longer conveys the true nature the songwriter originally intended. This Rendition is not like others because Carrie Underwood is able to masterfully capture the heartfelt emotions of the song while still adding her own unique feel. Whether you are a fan of all of the Beatles’ classic songs or you simply love the soulful voice of Carrie Underwood, you will enjoy watching this Rendition ofYesterday.

There is something about Carrie’s voice that brings on the chill bumps. From the moment she lifts the microphone to her mouth, you will be spellbound! This Rendition was performed at the 2013 Emmy Awards and continues to be one of the fan favorites. Do not be surprised if you find yourself wanting to watch it over and over and even find yourself singing along. Enjoy this beautiful performance and be sure to pass it on by sharing it with others so they can enjoy it too.

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