There are musicians who are talented in singing any song from any artist who sing songs from the same genre as she. Céline Dion is a great artist who has the strongest power in singing. This was called a wheel of musical impression when she was at the Jimmy Fallon show. Jimmy challenged Celine Dion to sing various songs that would come over after she pressed the music impression generator. The first song that she sang is “Cher’’ fro Flare Jocques.While singing the song, she flipped her hair over the head while doing the song’ Sia’ that was sang by Hush. It is really funny and fantastic video to watch.
When she was singing the Michael Jackson song, she made funny noises that impersonated Michael Jackson. She even kept saying ‘yeah yeah’ even when they had moved to the next impression. The game was the amazing one since it made the audience jovial. The most appetizing one was the song by Rihanna and the way she tried to make the dancing moves. You should watch it.