World Dance Sport Competition Heats Up Latin Style


During the 2014 World Dance Sport Competition held in Bremer, Germany, many nations competed for the honor of being judged the best of the bestThe Russian team couple competition was designed to stun the audience with acrobatics and timed Latin inspired dance moves to modern hip hop and modern popular songs. With grace and precision, the dancers blended tango, tap, and modern jazz moves for a flawless performance. The crowd appreciated the dancers’ efforts and enthusiasm for their craft, and the athleticism of the performers, which clearly shows why this is a sports competition as well as a dance contest.
Not a move was wasted, as the dancers shifted quickly and seamlessly between styles and songs. This completion is a favorite around the world and is on par with the Olympics due to the teamwork and training it takes to compete in such an arena.
From the cheers of the audience it is evident that the Russians delivered a stellar performance.

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