YouTube Inspires and Molds This 12 Year Old Girl Into Becoming A Dub-Step Dancing Phenomenon


Many people use YouTube to learn card tricks, gaming techniques, even how to run an online business. But this young girl, at the tender age of 12 years old, used YouTube to fulfill a different and advantageous desire.
7 or 8 months ago, Adilyn Malcolm watched a special report about Micheal Jackson. The article intrigued her to perform an initial search on YouTube and she landed on videos of people performing various dub-step dancing routines. She took then bold step of started to learn how to do the dub-step dance and add her won personality to it, and it all took off from there.
After watching hundreds and thousands of videos, she learned the step more and perfected her skills. After months of perfecting her craft, she is now a phenomenon on YouTube, broadcasting her own dub-step dancing skills with amazing technique and precision. She is a dancing star in the making. And just to think, it all started with a curiosity and a simple search on YouTube.