Zyrah Rose Sees Fire on Stage of “Britain’s Got Talent”


“Britain’s Got Talent 2016” has a new girl group called Zyrah Rose perform an audition. The girls are all in their late 20’s, and had recently been dropped by a record label that had promised them a deal. The girls all worked regular jobs in various industries, but were hoping this audition would be the start of their transition into a full fledged music career.

They all stand in a line in front of the judges and perform “I See Fire” by Ed Sheeran. The group had a few basic choreography moves that involved moving their arm in unison. The audience seemed to love the performance from start to finish. But there was something about the girls that Simon Cowell didn’t quite like.

When it came time for him to critique he told them that they stood their like statues and there was no interaction between them. However, this was just a suggestion, as Simon did pass them along to the next round.